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A Brief Internet Slot Machines Guide

Here are just a few sinple tips for the Slot Machine fans 🙂

Always play maximum coins! The reason is that the jackpot will only be played when maximum coins are played. Play a slot machine with smaller amounts per bet and play maximum coins rather than playing slots with higher amounts per bet and not play maximum coins.

Progressive Slots pay much more when hitting the jackpot, while non-progressive pay more on lower winnings! Therefore, non-progressive slots are also a nice option to play, especially if you just want to have some fun and want to spend a small amount of money on it. With the bigger win amounts for the non-jackpot winnings, you will be able to play longer.

Set yourself a stop-loss limit! When playing slots, the casino always has an edge over you. Therefore, set yourself a maximum amount you are willing to lose before you play and stop when you hit that amount.

Before playing slot machines online, make sure to read the Terms & Conditions of the casino you plan to gamble at, especially with wagering requirements for any bonuses you might receive.