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Video Poker Strategy: Minimize Casino Edge

Playing correct strategy in Video Poker is very important to your success. Below, we give you some advice that will definitely help you become a better Video Poker player and should help you become more successful when playing Video Poker. You will not be able to completely make up for the edge the casino has, but you will be able to minimize it, so you can enjoy yourself for a longer time playing Video Poker.

Always play with maximum coins! This is the most important thing when playing Video Poker. The reason therefore is very simple: The payout for the royal flush is much higher in terms of units payout (amount you get for $1 bet) when you play maximum coins, instead of just 1 coin. If you can’t afford maximum coins at a certain Video Poker computer, go to a Video Poker machine that has a lower coin value (instead of playing at $1 machines, play at $.25 machines).


Video Poker Rules: How to Play Video Poker

Video Poker is a casino game that is quickly growing in popularity. It is played on a computer and involves a lot of decision making on the player’s part, which makes this game so interesting. This is probably also the reason for the fast growing populartiy of this game.

Unlike in “regular” poker, when playing video poker, you are not playing against an opponent, but you are trying to get the best hand possible given the cards you are dealt.