Can You Trust Electronics When It Comes To …

Can You Trust Electronics When It Comes To Gambling?

Let’s take for example the evolution of the slot games you can nowadays enjoy at a casino online. These gambling machines originated in a rudimentary mechanical form back in the 1880s, changed into electromechanical versions in the 1960s and finally adhered to the digital standard in the mid 1970s. As you can see, gambling is always following the trends imposed by the technological development of society and it’s constantly moving onwards with the “ark”. Therefore, it’s no surprise that numerous gambling venues are transcending their initial land-based establishment in favor of the more efficient – think lower maintenance, personnel and operating costs – online variant. However, there is a catch: the lack of trust most people have for the new technological advents and their fairness.

Why don’t gamblers have faith in electronic/digital gambling devices?

Many gambling enthusiasts and particularly the elderly only trust what they can see and understand, be it the spin of the roulette wheel, the manual toss of the dice, the turning of the blackjack cards or the lever-operated slot machines. As people grow older, they become out of touch with the modern technology and they are innately reluctant to learning more about it. In fact, this feature is deeply imbedded in the human nature and you will rarely see cases when an older person is genuinely eager to learn how to use a computer, much less gamble his life savings on the promise of fairness made by a random number generator that his mind cannot fully grasp. Unfortunately, the distrust for online gambling is not reasonably justified.

What’s the catch?

There’s no denying of the fact that you can come across a number of shady online casinos that are nothing more than scams, which is enough to shatter the faint traces of trust a newcomer has in internet gambling. However, if you take your time to select the highly rated casinos, then you will realize that the regulations imposed by the gambling authorities make it impossible for them to cheat. The software is closely monitored and any stray from legality is severely sanctioned. On the other hand, land based casinos always present the chance of cheating dealers, whose sleight of hand makes it impossible for even the most experience players to notice the unorthodox practices. In essence, while predetermined software rules make reputable online casinos cheating-free environments, the same cannot be said about their land-based counterparts. Therefore, trusting the unpredictable human nature over a computer application that operates within a known set of parameters and is not influenced by negative emotions or desires can, in this case, be considered counterintuitive.

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