Do Coolers Actually Exist?

If you’re a gambler who loves to spend his spare time in the casino, then it is very likely that the following situation happened to you at least once: you were on a winning streak, the pit boss is looking down on everyone with a frowned eye and then some random person comes at the table and woosh, the table becomes dead. On a side note, I also heard stories about the opposite situation, when a special person coming at the table has the potential to transform everyone’s bad luck into a winning fest. Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that numerous gamblers out there believe the coolers are real.

Where it all started

In my opinion, the myth was strongly implanted into most gamblers’ mind with the 2003 film “The Cooler”. If you haven’t seen the actual movie, here is a short synopsis of it: the story takes place in an old-style Las Vegas casino and revolves around a jinxed employee who seems to be walking around constantly with a black cloud above his head. Whenever this guy shows up at a winning table, everyone’s luck mysteriously vanished. However, his jinxing abilities disappear just as strangely when he falls in love.

Really, it’s nothing more than a myth

Irrespective of how fun or scary you may find the idea of a casino cooler, the truth is that it’s nothing more than a myth. More often than not, when certain people start playing badly and do not stick to a consistent strategy, they start making absurd association. In other words, the fact that you began losing once a new person came at the table infuriates you so much that instead of analyzing your gameplay and blaming yourself for the mistakes, you start looking for scapegoats. It’s much simpler to blame it on a cooler than actually admit that you played poorly, isn’t it?

Casino’s have their ways

I’m not sure if you noticed, but each time you’re on a winning streak in a casino, there’s always this gorgeous girl offering you a complementary alcoholic beverage on the house. As any experienced players would point out, alcohol and gambling do not mix well, despite of what they show in the movies. Another typical distraction method used by casinos is to send out an extremely attractive person of the opposite sex just to chat with you and evidently, distract you from the game, resulting in you making novice mistakes.

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