Video Poker Strategy: Minimize Casino Edge

Playing correct strategy in Video Poker is very important to your success. Below, we give you some advice that will definitely help you become a better Video Poker player and should help you become more successful when playing Video Poker. You will not be able to completely make up for the edge the casino has, but you will be able to minimize it, so you can enjoy yourself for a longer time playing Video Poker.

Always play with maximum coins! This is the most important thing when playing Video Poker. The reason therefore is very simple: The payout for the royal flush is much higher in terms of units payout (amount you get for $1 bet) when you play maximum coins, instead of just 1 coin. If you can’t afford maximum coins at a certain Video Poker computer, go to a Video Poker machine that has a lower coin value (instead of playing at $1 machines, play at $.25 machines).

Know the paytables! Knowing the paytables is very important because it will help you find the best video poker machines. When playing Jacks or Better Video Poker, for example, make sure that you play on a 9/6 machine, which means that you should only play on Jacks or Better computers that pays you 9 units for a Full House and 6 units for a flush. There are many Jacks or Better Video Poker machines available, that pay only 8 or 6 units for a Full House and only 5 units for a flush. Avoid these machines!

When holding a pair, don’t keep a single “money card”! When you are holding a pair and also have a single money card (like Jack, Queen, King or Ace in Jacks or Better), don’t keep this money card, as keeping the card greatly reduces your chances of hitting 3 or 4 of a kind, which would pay more than simply hitting a “money” pair.

Keep winning hands dealt to you, unless you need only 1 card to Royal Flush! When you are dealt a winning hand, always hold this hand, instead of attempting to get a better-paying hand. The only exception should be when you have a made hand, but also only need 1 more card to get a Royal Flush. In that case, go for the Royal Flush!

Don’t go for the flush, when holding nothing! Should you have only 3 cards of the same suit and nothing else, don’t go for the flush, but instead either hold a money card you might have, or throw the entire out, should you not even have a money card. The payout of the flush is too low to draw to it when only holding 3 cards of the same suit.

When nothing on initial hand, hold “money cards” or throw out entire hand! Should you be dealt a hand with no initial pair or draw to anything, keep only your money card and throw the other 4 cards out. Should you not even be holding a money card, throw the entire hand out and hope to catch a paying hand when the cards are exchanged.

These basic tips should help you decrease the edge of the casino. Eventhough this strategy is not perfect, it is easy to remember, easy to implement and already minimizes the edge of the casino significantly. Perfect strategy is much more complex and varies with the game of Video Poker you are playing, as well as with the payout tables.

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