Roulette Rules: How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance with no skills involved, in which you will almost not be able to make a mistake. All you should know before playing roulette are the basic rules, which include the different bets available, as well as the payout of these bets.

Before explaining the rules, you should download an internet casino, so you can play roulette online for free, while reading through the explanation of the rules. This should help you learn the rules faster, compared to simply reading through them without really seeing what I’m refering to.

Roulette is played with a small white ball and a wheel that has 37 small pockets (38 in American Roulette). When playing the game, the wheel is spun and the ball is thrown into the wheel, at which point you will be able to make your bets with regard to what pocket the ball will land in (each pocket has a number assigned to it). Then, after a short time, the ball will find one of the pockets and whatever number the pocket has where the ball falls in wins.

The different betting options you have are explained below:

You can bet on the exact number on which the ball will land. In european roulette, there are a total of 37 numbers (0 to 36) and the payout when betting on the correct number is 35 to 1 (you bet $10, you will win $350 and get your original $10 back).

The pockets are also always colored in either red or black. Each color has 18 pockets, with the 0 being green. Therefore, you can also bet on the color (red or black) of the pocket the ball lands. The payout of this type of bet is 1 to 1 (you bet $10 and win, you will get $10 in winnings and your original $10 back).

Other options of bets paying out 1 to 1 are betting on Odd or Even, or betting if the number coming is between 1 and 18, or 19 and 36.

You can also bet on the thirds the ball lands in (1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36) or in which horizontal line the number lies on the roulette table. These bets pay 2 to 1.

There are also some other bets possible. These are bets where you can bet on 2 numbers being located right next to each other on the field. This bets pays 17 to 1.

You can also bet on 4 numbers being located right next to each other (the 4 fields of the numbers have one common center). This bets pays 8 to 1.

You can also bet on a row of numbers (three numbers being located next to each other on the field). This bet pays out 11 to 1.

Another option would be to bet on two rows at the same time. These two rows have to be located next to each other. That bet pays out 5 to 1.

These are the basic rules, bets and payouts you should know when playing roulette. If you are ready to play roulette online, read our roulette strategy article for more info on how to minimize the edge of the casino in roulette.

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