A Few Texas Hold’em Poker Rules To Remember

Texas Hold’em is essentially one of the many variations of poker with high popularity in the gambling community due to the logical and clear nature of the rules. Texas Hold’em places an equal emphasis on the betting component and the strength of the deck, making it slightly different from the traditional 5-card style. At first, it may seem to be a bit more complicated, but the truth is that you will not need more than a few minutes to comprehend the basics and a few hands to get a grasp on the gameplay. Let’s start with an overview of the game phases.

The Blinds

Before any cards are dealt, the players are required to place the Blinds, which is similar to the ante of the 5-card poker. The player located on the left side of the dealer is required to place a Big Blind, which is twice the amount of the standard Small Blind paid by the other people at the table. When playing real money poker Texas Hold’em, the rules regarding the number of times gamblers are allowed to raise in the blind phase is predetermined.

The Preflop phase

Each player is given two cards from the deck, one card of the time in a clockwise motion starting from the left of the player performing the dealer duties. Once the cards are shared, you have the option of folding, calling or raising. When calling, it means you agree to match the amount of chips constituted by the big blinds. If you raise, the rules typically dictate that you are doubling the said amount, but in some cases (No Limit Texas Hold’em) the player is permitted to raise the stakes by as much as he wants.

The Flop phase

The first card in the deck is eliminated from play (burned card) and then the dealer places the next three cards face up on the table. Dissimilar to the preflop phase of the game, the calling or raising will need to be performed by the player on the left side of the dealer that has the minimal accepted hand. Generally these poker hands comprise of Jacks or better.

The Turn, The River And The Showdown

Both The Turn and The River are similar to The Flop, but only one card is dealt each time, excluding the burned card. In The Showdown Phase, all cards have been dealt and the players who are still in the game can proceed to betting. In the eventuality that all players call, the cards are shown starting from the left of the dealer, but you also have the option of folding, which means you are not required to reveal your hand.

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